"A Craftwork Revolutionary" Grant Gibson, Editor, Crafts Magazine.


Whilst studying at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2008, Nadia-Anne Ricketts discovered an interesting arithmetic connection between the architecture of music and the architecture of woven cloth. The exploration of how to capture the invisible patterns of audio, in an aesthetically beautiful way, evolved from the development of BeatWoven's first software programme in collaboration with coders and music producers in 2009, thus reinventing the ancient craft technique of woven cloth in fusion with the manifestation of music.

"When travelling and living around the world performing as a professional dancer, I experienced first hand the importance of music. It is at the core of every culture bringing us together no matter whether you speak the same language or not. Music is our universal language. No matter where I am, or who I am with, when I hear music I want to react. It can unite us, unlock special memories, take us on an emotional journey and most of all, it can motivate us to focus, create and endure.
For me, my defining moment of music came when I lived in Ibiza. The Island is the digital music hub of the world, magnetically attracting people from all corners of the globe for their love of music. The energy, joy and emotion I experienced on this Island carried me through into university where I felt like I wanted to express my love and gratitude in celebration of the musicians, DJ's, and music producers who like magicians gave me the opportunity to connect with life on such a high frequency.
To be able to express the intangible of music in a tactile and symbolic form excites me as it allows us to decorate our lives with musical patterns, helping us to connect and feel closer to those special songs and memories". -
Nadia-Anne Ricketts, Founder and Woven Artist, BeatWoven.