The story of BeatWoven. From concept to product.


"Precisely because musical sound is abstract, intangible and ethereal - lost as soon as its gained - the visual experience of its production is crucial for locating and communicating musical sound within society and culture" Richard Leppert. Sight of Sound.


Award winning artist Nadia-Anne Ricketts pioneers globally with her fusion of sound and vision by transforming any song or prayer into bespoke statement art pieces in her series of BeatWoven®. Nadia uses her skilfully coded audio technology as an instrument to translate and reveal the invisible sonic geometrics behind the beats and sounds of music, to orchestrate literal tessellated woven pattern formations, allowing for the intangible of song to manifest into an aesthetically beautiful form, which, in turn becomes part of our physical space. The work sits at the intersection of art, craft and technology, connecting us to a new experience of both music and woven cloth.

Research and development has been carried out with collaborative projects in London using developers who have expertise with music and coding.  The latest partnership was with The Centre of Digital Music, and The Legal Research Faculty, Queen Mary University, London.


"One of THE names in British craft " Craft critic and journalist Corinne Julius.